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Mission Statement
ProgressiveHistorians Symposium: 9/11 at Six (note: internal links have been re-linked to the original posts and the symposium can be read in full)
The 47th History Carnival

Monday Open Thread
Monday Open Thread
Monday Open Thread
The Blogger and the Libertarian: Constitutional History Death-Match
Wednesday Open Thread

aphra behn:
BREAKING: Wonder Woman Runs for President (Ubergeeky MetaSnark)
History for Kossacks: Of Slaves and Serfs (Special Guest Edition)
History for Kossacks: Slavery Comes to America (Special Guest Edition)
Of Poetry and PTSD: Musings on World War I
PTSD and the Myth of WW II

The Mushy Middle: A Response
Plus ca change
plus c’est la meme chose

Al Gore’s Historical Template: Habermas’s “Public Sphere”
Marx and the Present: An Introduction

Code of the Wes:
Book Review: English History Made Brief, Irreverent, and Pleasurable by Lacey Baldwin Smith
Management Techniques of the Gilded Age

Daniel K:
Remembering Tuesday, September 11, 2001

dave praeger:
Our Love of Sewers: A Lesson in Path Dependence

Broken by the Badlands: A Review

An Empire Past in Color

How History Shaped My Feminism(s)

About Louis Armstrong
John Singleton Copley (a ridiculously rambling rant):
John Singleton Copley (concluding rant)

Eugene McCarthy’s 1960 Nomination Speech for Adlai Stevenson Presages Draft-Gore 2008

Cold War Liberalism and September 11
New England vs. Virginia: Shaping the American Narrative
Whither – Or Whether – Wikipedia?

Aleppo Train — I
Aleppo Train — II
Aleppo Train — (concluded)
The Pasha and the Gypsy — Part I
The Pasha and the Gypsy — Part II
The Pasha and the Gypsy — Part III
The Pasha and the Gypsy — Part IV
The Pasha and the Gypsy — Part V
The Pasha and the Gypsy — Part VI [Conclusion]

Giving Prophecy a Good Name, pt. 1
John Edwards in Des Moines, May 15
One Hour With Richardson
The Definition of Rural
The Questioning – Last Regular Edition
The Wolverine and The Wolves

James Livingston:
9/11 and Historical Consciousness: Response to Nonpartisan
Lincoln the Revolutionary
Richard Rorty and Historical Consciousness

Jesse Hemingway:
My take on 9/11

Do Historians Need Philosophy?

History You Never Knew: How I Caused Nixon’s Resignation

The 9/11 Anniversary and the Awakening of the Sunshine, Makeshift Patriot
The Democratic Legacy: Give’em Hell Harry and the Greatest Campaign
The Democratic Legacy: Harry Truman-The Welfare of the Whole People Should Come First

The Word

9/11 And Back Again

Into the Unknown Heart of America
The Great Strike
The Kurdistan Problem: Part I
The Kurdistan Problem: Part II
The Kurdistan Problem: Part III

Magna Charta I: Background to Runnymede
Magna Charta II: the Sources of Conflict
Magna Charta III: To Runnymede and Beyond

Second Amendment: Only Militias Need Apply, Part I
Second Amendment: Only Militias Need Apply, Part II

9/11: The Mouse that Roared
Article Review: “Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Parts I and II” by Lisa Pease
Book Review: David Horowitz’s “Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom”
Book Review: Jeffrey Feldman’s “Framing the Debate”
Book Review: Ralph Brauer’s “The Strange Death of Liberal America”
Broadening the Field
Crouching Candidates, Hidden Presidents
Do we need a hero as President?
Habeas Corpus: WWLD? (What Would Lincoln Do?)
“History will judge him harshly”
In Search of a Foreign Policy Vision
Inexperience Gambit, Part II
“It becomes in that case a responsibility”
Mathematical Musings
My Foreign Policy Interview with Bill Richardson
Obama, Originality, and Historical Quotes
Official Site Policy on Wikipedia
On Political Theater: A Response to Andy Stern
Pie Fights and Progress
ProgressiveHistorians Endorsement: Allan Lichtman
Taking the Pulse of the Public Intellectual
The Blogosphere Gaia Hypothesis
The Democratic Versailles
The False History of Muslim Intolerance
The Last Progressive: A Review of Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason”
The Problem with John Edwards’ Urban Radicalism
The Overton Window and Political “Punctuated Equilibrium”
The Professionalization of the Blogosphere
The Resurgence of Frontier Politics
The Seriousness of History
The Strange Case of the Two Gay Congressmen
The Value of Informed Opinion
The “Vital Center” Versus the “Mushy Middle”
Three Humble Suggestions for the History Blogosphere
“To Lose All the Joys of Life”
Transformational Leadership
Transformational Leadership: Obama’s Eight Points
Untangling the Kaufman-Johnson Controversy
Wednesday Open Thread: Happy Birthday To Us!
Why History Blogs Are Better Than Listservs
Wilson, the Bolsheviks, and an Engaged Foreign Policy
With Government For All, With Charity For None
Woodrow Wilson to historians: Stop lying about my record!

Edgar Lee Masters
Nous Sommes Tous Americains, and The Death of Irony

Patriotic Images of 9/11

Artistic Creativity vs. History

Real History Lisa:
Reclaiming History from Vince Bugliosi
Wikipedia: The Argument for Banning Citations

se portland:
FOIA : Declaration of Independence

Book of the Day: The Outlander Series

Sven Triloqvist:
Levis, Shiloh and the Carelian connection

Veblen-a political economist for today

Tony Seybert:

Unitary Moonbat:
American Bondage
Ancient Bondage
Four Walls

Justice Douglas’ Condemnation of Government Surveillance
My APA Paper on Isolation, Sensory Deprivation, & Sensory Overload

winter rabbit:
Wounded Knee Massacre & Action Call: Defend the Black Hills (Updated)
Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary, 12-29-06 (Part 1)
Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary, 12-29-06 (Part 2)
Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary, 12-29-06 (Part 3)
Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary (Conclusions)

A Jigsaw of School Shootings

Book Review: Founders v. Bush

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