9/11 And Back Again

Originally posted by Mentarch on 09/10/07

Here we are, on the eve of another commemorative anniversary of 9/11.

Six years later, what has changed since the day after this fateful and tragic morning?

The fearmongering, fear-stricken madhaters keep on barking and yelping about “Gobal struggle against radical Islamism“, “Islamofascism“, “Global struggle against terrorism“, “protecting our freedoms“, “clash of civilizations“, “defending Christianity” or even the childish “fighting evil“, all the while boasting their cowardly, faux patriotism and exposing their penchant for religious/governmental authoritarianism – the promotion of which constituting their one and only motivation.

What we have are still accusations of treason raised or insinuated against anyone who dares to question the validity of the current Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

What we have are increased chants for more war (e.g. Iran, even Syria).

What we have is the lingering confusion between “supporting our troops” with “supporting the mission”.

What we have are thunderous applause and barks of approval in support of aberrations like the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

What we have are intractable supporters of illegal domestic spying, denial of habeas corpus, indefinite detentions, torture and secret military tribunals.

What we have are fear-stricken politicians and citizens who not only caved in to the gutting of FISA, but likewise fear-stricken people and politicos who are clamoring, and seeking, for more.

What we have is the worship, however direct or indirect, of a new God whom we now implore in our daily supplications: the Sacrosanct and All-Mighty Security.

And what a powerful Deity it is, this Security.

Indeed – why else are we quite willing to put aside our fundamental rights and our simple human decency, if not our humanity, in Its Name?

Why else do we turn a blind eye to injustice done in Its Name?

Why else do we embrace any and all unconstitutional means to be probed, surveyed and monitored any time and everywhere, day in and day out?

Why else do we accept that the rule of Law be bent, twisted or ignored?

Why else do we remain silent in acceptance while our governments wage war indiscriminately in other countries, against a technique of fighting?

Why else have we slowly surrendered the very principles of our democracies to increasing authoritarianism?

Why else, in the end, have we allowed reason and competence to give way to fear and hate-driven incompetence?

So – what exactly happened on the day after the fateful and tragic morning of 9/11?

We lost and the terrorists won.

Right there and then.

Whatever else has happened in the six years which followed to this day merely constitutes the gradual and methodical enactment of the terms of our surrender.

No more, no less.

Hence, let us remember the victims of 9/11 and cherish their memories.

Let us also remember that we abandonned them by letting terror win.

And let us ask for their forgiveness because of our failure to remain strong and steadfast, having instead given in to fear, hate and loathing.

Let us ask their forgiveness for having handed the victory to the terrorists on 9/12.

And as we mourn them and use their memories once again to further fuel our fear and hate, may they look upon us with compassion and smile kindly upon us nevertheless.

For maybe, just maybe, our memories of them will give us wisdom and strenght this time around – if we but listen to their voices – so that we may at last understand the awful truth:

We have met the enemy and the enemy is ourselves.

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