The 9/11 Anniversary and the Awakening of the Sunshine, Makeshift Patriot

Originally posted by liberalamerican on 09/10/07


Makeshift Patriot
The Flag Shop Is Out Of Stock
I hang myself at half mast
Makeshift Patriot
The Flag Shop is Out of Stock
I hang myself…via live telecast

–“Makeshift Patriot,” Sage Francis

It is that bewitching time just before dawn when the sky begins to tint. The major star Sirius still burns strongly just above the changing horizon. The sliver of the moon hangs tenuously above it. A vague pink glow gives way to wild red that spills across the sky. Remember the phrase: Red in the morning?

The romantic cliche has always viewed dawn as a time of promise. A new day comes bringing endless possibility. Yet if the colors of the morning sky glow deep red and even purple in monstrous thunderheads, that which has been sleeping comes awake to again stalk the land. For those storm clouds herald the reawakening of the Sunshine Patriot.

This creature can deceive as the dawn deceives, cloaking itself in the optimism and possibilities of past dawns, especially those dawns of long ago that we but vaguely remember and because we only vaguely remember them, they have become myths. It’s all there in The Hymn: its evocation of “the twilight’s last gleaming,” “the dawn’s early light” and the still-standing, bullet-shredded flag.

The Sunshine Patriot feeds on this like Dracula on blood, stalking victims with pleas of loyalty. People will offer their very necks to him and when they do they will never feel the bite but instead a rush as if they had been injected with a powerful drug. Then they become recruits in an army that if the dawn is bloody enough can grow quickly into powerful, unthinking battalions not merely willing but clamoring to donate more of their own blood and thereby sacrifice their freedom.

It happened like that on 9/11. What follows is the details of the consequences of that day of the Sunshine Patriot. It tells the story the only way it can be told–in the words of that which Sunshine Patriots gave birth to–the ironically-named Patriot Act. As one of the few Americans who read the original act cover to cover, my intent is to call up some of its choice phrases so that all of us can truly know what the Sunshine Patriot took from us that September.

In the background is the chorus, like in a Greek tragedy, adding its own voice. In that chorus the Sunshine Patriot becomes a Makeshift Patriot. The lyrics come from rapper Sage Francis’ “Makeshift Patriot,” which may be the best 9/11 song ever recorded.

I’ve got exclusive, explicit images to present to impressionable American kids
And it’s time to show this world how big our edifice is!

SEC. 411. DEFINITIONS RELATING TO TERRORISM. is a representative (as defined in clause(v)) of–(aa) a foreign terrorist organization, as designated by the Secretary of State under section 219, or (bb) a political, social or other similar group whose public endorsement of acts of terrorist activity the Secretary of State has determined undermines United States efforts to reduce or eliminate terrorist activities
That’s exactly what they attacked when a typically dark skinned Disney villain
Used civilians against civilians and charged the Trojan horses into our buildings
Using commercial aviation as instruments of destruction

The term “domestic terrorism” means activities that– (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended– (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

Pregnant women couldn’t protect their children
Wheelchairs were stairway obstructions
Now I have to back pedal…from the shower of glass and metal
Wondering how after it settles we’ll find who provided power to radical rebels.

It is the sense of Congress that officers and employees of the intelligence community of the Federal Government, acting within the course of their official duties, should be encouraged, and should make every effort, to establish and maintain intelligence relationships with any person, entity, or group for the purpose of engaging in lawful intelligence activities, including the acquisition of information on the identity, location, finances, affiliations, capabilities, plans, or intentions of a terrorist or terrorist organization, or information on any other person, entity, or group (including a foreign government) engaged in harboring, comforting. financing, aiding, or assisting a terrorist or terrorist organization.

The Melting Pot seems to be calling the kettle black when it boils over
But only on our own soil so the little boy holds a toy soldier..
And waits for the suit and tie to come home.

Establish requirements and priorities for foreign intelligence information to be collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (50 U.S.C. 1801 et seq.), and provide assistance to the Attorney General to ensure that information derived from electronic surveillance or physical searches under that Act is disseminated so it may be used efficiently and effectively for foreign intelligence purposes, except that the Director shall have no authority to direct, manage, or undertake electronic surveillance or physical search operations pursuant to that Act unless otherwise authorized by statute or executive order.

The city is covered in inches of muck
I see some other pictures of victims are up
Grieving mothers are thinking their children are stuck
Leaping lovers are making decisions to jump
While holding hands…to escape the brutal heat
Sometimes in groups of the three
The fall out goes far beyond the toxic cloud where people look like debris.

The Director of the United States Secret Service shall take appropriate actions to develop a national network of electronic crime task forces, based on the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force model, throughout the United States, for the purpose of preventing, detecting, and investigating various forms of electronic crimes, including potential terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure and financial payment systems.

He’s got a megaphone…and he’s promising to make heads roll
So we cheer him on, but asbestos is affecting our breath control
The less we know…the more they fabricate…the easier it is to sell souls
We’re selling addictive 24 hour candle light vigils on TV’s
Freedom WILL be defended…at the cost of civil liberties

Any financial institution that makes a voluntary disclosure of any possible violation of law or regulation to a government agency or makes a disclosure pursuant to this subsection or any other authority, and any director, officer, employee, or agent of such institution who makes, or requires another to make any such disclosure, shall not be liable to any person under any law or regulation of the United States, any constitution, law, or regulation of any State or political subdivision of any State, or under any contract or other legally enforceable agreement (including any arbitration agreement), for such disclosure or for any failure to provide notice of such disclosure to the person who is the subject of such disclosure or any other person identified in the disclosure.

They happened to scar our financial state and char our landscape
Can you count how many times so far I ran back this same damn tape?
While a camera man creates news and shoves it down our throats on the West Bank
With a 10 second clip put on constant loop to provoke US angst.

A provider of electronic communication service or remote computing service shall disclose a record or other information pertaining to a subscriber to or customer of such service.

I’ll show you which culture to pump your fist at and what foot is right to kiss
We don’t know who the culprit is yet…but he looks like this
We know who the heroes are. Not the xenophobes who act hard
“We taught that dog to squat.
How dare he do that shit in our own back yard!”

Any person–(1) who is engaged in a trade or business; and (2) who, in the course of such trade or business, receives more than $10,000 in coins or currency in 1 transaction (or 2 or more related transactions), shall file a report described in subsection (b) with respect to such transaction (or related transactions) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network at such time and in such manner as the Secretary may, by regulation, prescribe.

So get your tanks and load your guns and hold your sons in a family huddle
Because even if we win this tug of war and even the score…humanity struggles
There’s a need of blood for what’s been uncovered under the rubble
Some of them dug for answers in the mess…but the rest were looking for trouble

I took a break from editing this post, stopping at a gas station to fill my tank (with $2.89 a gallon gas, courtesy of our leader who once was in the oil business), when I chanced to hear a conversation between two Russian immigrants, one of them the clerk at the check out counter. The clerk was saying how he wished the Communists were back in power because the governments since had all been nothing more than a legalized mafia. His friend was nodding in agreement. Then when they realized I had walked in, the conversation took a very strange turn. All of a sudden the clerk began talking about how much he loved the United States of America. After I paid my bill and was walking out the door he said to me with almost an apologetic tone, “Interesting conversation, no?”  I said yes it had been an interesting conversation.

Only after walking to my car did I realize what had happened (maybe because the experience was so disconcerting): this Russian immigrant who had been longing for the return of the Communists was scared as heck what this unknown American might do with his words.  That an immigrant from our former Cold War adversary was worried that an American who happened to hear a political conversation might turn him in was the cruelest of ironies.

Would he put out a flag in the dawn’s early light on the Fourth of July, I wondered? 


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