Wednesday Open Thread — Happy Birthday To Us!

Originally posted by Nonpartisan on 09/05/07

Today is the one-year anniversary of the launch of ProgressiveHistorians.  Some statistics:

  • Total number of hits: 92,350
  • Total number of pageviews: 322, 714
  • Number of registered users: 728 (of whom two are banned and perhaps a half-dozen are duplicate names created for whatever reason)
  • Number of diaries posted at ProgressiveHistorians: 2,045
  • Number of comments posted at ProgressiveHistorians: 14,494
  • Current average number of hits per day: 288
  • Current average number of pageviews per day: 867
  • Approximate increase in hits and pageviews from when the site was founded: >100%
  • Number of original frontpagers still on the front page: 2 (Idiosynchronic and Unitary Moonbat — plus Real History Lisa gets an honorable mention for being the first FPer added)
  • Number of mentions in blogs and other online publications: too many to count

Thanks to all of you for helping make ProgressiveHistorians what it is today.  You rock!

What’s on your mind?


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